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Karvida delivers a custom blend of management consulting services to match the needs of each client. We advise companies large and small, offering a range of consulting services from pilots to multi-year engagements. From gathering Customer Feedback to advising on Strategy and Planning, our management team brings a wide range of expertise across capabilities and industries.

Customer Experience

Voice of the Customer

Listening to customers? Surprisingly few companies know how to act customer feedback to improve financial results. Customer experience informs the strategy that your people and processes should support. Bring your customers into your planning and development cycles to increase customer adoption of new products and reduce churn.

Executive Advisory

Strategic Advisory

You use a Wealth Manager to manage your portfolio… Why not use a Strategic Advisor to help you resolve your most critical business issues. Having an experienced, outside perspective can reduce the risk of overlooking a roadblock or land mine while suggesting creative alternatives you may not have considered.

Strategy & Deployment

Strategic Planning

Standing on quicksand? Even the best strategic foundations weaken as competitive pressures and customer requirements change overtime. Our highly effective strategic planning and organization design capabilities accelerate business growth and help sculpt organizations for optimal productivity.

Operational Excellence

Change Management

Adapting to a new Economy? Reduce costs, grow without increasing headcount? Delight customers by aligning your teams for effectiveness. Our approach to Change Management includes getting the people who are the closest to the work to embrace the change, not just processes, to deliver sustainable results.

Increase product adoption
Minimize churn
Refocus strategy
Maximize customer value
Improve recurring revenue
Streamline operations
Align culture
Results from Acting on Customer Feedback
“Scores improve dramatically when managers have access to real-time customer feedback so they know who is performing well and when to shift resources.”
Scott Bajtos | Senior Vice President, Global Services and Customer Advocacy | VMware, Inc.