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Why Choose Karvida?
One size doesn't fit all
We don’t force square pegs into round holes. We create a tailored approach for everything we do. Large or small, regardless of industry, we can help you accelerate growth or achieve significant operational efficiency depending on your need. With dozens of different capabilities to draw from, we partner with you to find the shape that fits your organization.
Deep expertise, open minds
Our management team started conducting WorkOuts decades ago. We’ve improved processes at PG&E to save hundreds of millions and helped GE launch Six Sigma to thousands of professionals over the years. As industry thought leaders, we also value the important lessons we learn along the way. We believe that it takes your people — not just the process — to breathe new life into your organization.
Frank and honest approach
Change is good. But how do you know if it will take hold? All too often, important change initiatives aren’t well executed—resulting in failed projects or unmet financial and operational objectives. With our visible and honest approach, everyone clearly sees their role and contribution to sculpting the organization. If they aren’t on board, let’s find out fast.
Your strategy, your people
Behind many well-intentioned executive teams, there is a strategy that’s a bit outdated, a plan that has fallen out of synch with customer needs, or an organization that no longer supports the grand vision. We partner with you to co-design your strategy and help you adopt capabilities and planning processes that can be used at any level within the organization.
Voice of the Customer
Listen to your customers — or your competitors will. But who trusts survey results from the “nameless, faceless respondents” you never meet? Learn how to use the right approaches so you can act on data you trust. From focus groups and advisory boards to enterprise feedback management programs, translate your customer insights into lasting and measurable change.
Qualitative Feedback Analysis
Uncover rich customer insights that are often overlooked via traditional quantitative approaches. Mine text comments for hidden problems, unmet needs, quality issues and competitive intelligence using qualitative feedback analysis. Add a new perspective with sentiment analysis to deeply understand what is in the hearts and minds of your customers.
CX Strategy Review
Need to institute a new CX approach or refocus current CX program? Are your customers at the heart of key decisions and continuous improvement efforts? CX Strategy Review entails key stakeholder interviews and detailed analysis, including organizational alignment, culture, change management and target setting, to assess how well you are positioned to address CX pain points.
VOC Program Redesign
How effective is your VOC Program? If you were asked to produce a list of tangible results, could you? Eliminate tired and ineffective questions, reduce redundancies and gain fresh new insights. Suddenly projects are more powerful, results are tangible and your customers (and employees) can see their impact. Now that’s a VOC Program that works.
Process Design and Improvement
Improve the quality and reduce variability of your business processes or design new products or processes leveraging Six Sigma. Incorporate Lean capabilities to reduce expense to your bottom line by eliminating waste in your processes. From customer service to supply chain, product design to inventory management, sculpt your business into shape.
Harness the knowledge of your teams who are closest to the work using WorkOuts. These extremely effective sessions have helped large enterprises save millions of dollars. Accelerate your progress in 2-3 day group sessions with your key stakeholders and start taking immediate action on critical business issues.
Customer Journey Mapping
Align your people and processes to maximize the customer experience. Bring your customer needs to the center of the conversation, then align processes, people and skills to simplify each critical customer touch-point. Support your teams with proactive leadership and results will follow.
IT Strategy Design
Create the environment (structure, processes, and practices) for reduced time to market and faster, more efficient sustaining activities within the change readiness of your IT People. Be nimble, quick and flexible by taking an iterative approach to defining project or product requirements. Don’t waste months writing requirement documents or trying to get customers to explain what they want, only to be followed up by countless change orders. Co-design and make changes on the fly based on real-time customer experience feedback.
Change Management
Change is good. But how do you know if it will take hold? All too often, important change initiatives aren’t well executed—resulting in failed projects or unmet financial and operational objectives. More than just planning and training, we believe change management encompasses all the efforts necessary to help individuals and the organization navigate their passage from today to the desired future state.